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University of Utah Usability Lab


The University of Utah Usability Lab (U3LAB) is focused on improving the user experience (UX) of websites, software, applications, consumer products, and medical devices. If your product has an interface, the U3LAB can help you evaluate its effectiveness.

Among the services we offer are the following:

User Research

Understand who your users are, what they do, what motivates them, and how those insights can dramatically affect your design decisions. To do this work we can conduct filed research, focus groups, surveys or the development of personas.

Design and Evaluation

While you are developing your user interface is the time to already improve your design by incorporating user feedback. Thus, we provide feedback for you throughout the complete design process and a evaluation of your final design For this purpose we can evaluate design wireframes, interactive prototypes that allow early stage usability assessment. As part of the Design and Evaluation process we can provide you with design services, usability testing, expert reviews, eye-tracking data and accessibility assessments.


To validate your design method is is important to continuously assess user experience using large-scale quantitative studies. For this purpose we will help you to perform user experience benchmarking which will help you to compare design alternatives and validate design decisions.

To perform a typical user experience study the following tasks need to be performed We can develop a customized approach for your needs. Among those are:

  • Research design
  • Creation of recruiting screener and moderator's guide
  • Our facility rental cost (both lab and observation room)
  • Moderating interview sessions
  • Data capture
  • Recruiting and paying participants
  • A comprehensive written report
Last Updated: 4/4/23