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Undergraduate Permission Code Request Process

Permission Code Request Information

Apply for Permission Code/Waitlist for PSY 3000 and PSY 3010 ONLY 

  • Permission codes will be processed within five (5) business days and in the order they are received.
  • The first Friday of each semester is the last day to add Psychology courses, per departmental policy.

Permission Code Application

See guidelines for other PSY Permission Codes below:

  • PSY 4800: Research Assistant - please contact the Principle Investigator (Faculty Member) that oversees the lab and request the class number for their specific PSY 480* class section. Please remember to update the 'unit' (credit) number to the agreed-upon credits* or it will auto-set to 1 unit/credit. (*1 credit = 3 hours of lab work/week). If your PI doesn’t know their class number, please contact
    • PSY 4890: Internship/Job for Credit - please contact an Internship Advisor to discuss the next steps. If you are completing a job for credit and have already discussed eligibility with an internship advisor, please submit this form.
    • PSY 4910: Teaching Experience - please request a permission code from the professor you are going to TA for. 
    • All Other PSY Courses - if a course is full, please join the waitlist. If you try to add a course with open seats and receive an error code stating you do not meet the prerequisites ex. PSY 1010 equivalent course from out of state, please email so we can correct your audit and email the instructor of the course to request a permission code. 


Last Updated: 11/4/22