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Research is an invaluable way to develop your understanding of scientific method, and how it is applied in the study of psychology. The 3 primary ways you can be involved in research at the University of Utah are: 1) as a participant in a study through the participant pool, 2) by becoming a research assistant in a lab, or 3) by completing your own research project under the direction of a faculty mentor. Completing your own research project under the direction of a faculty mentor is often done as part of the Honors Track; or through the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) in pursuit of the Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation (URSD); or as part of a Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). If carefully planned, it is possible to complete one project as part of the Honors Track, and to earn the URSD while being funded by UROP.

If you are applying to graduate school it is recommended that you have at least 2 semesters of research experience for a master’s program, and 4 semesters of research experience for a PhD. Being a participant in a research study may count in some courses for credit, but it is typically not considered as part of the research experience needed graduate programs.

The following links will provide more information on how you can get involved with research at the University of Utah:


Internships are the best way to gain experience in a particular field of work. Internships can be an important factor in creating opportunities for employment and graduate school. An internship course (PSY 4810: Internships & Field Experience) may be taken through the Department of Psychology for academic credit, but it is not required to complete an internship. Most internships are completed with an organization that is not part of the University of Utah. Internships may be found through the Department of Psychology, through the Hinckley Institute, or on your own. Many of these may qualify for funding through the Undergraduate Psychology Service and Internship Award (UPSI).

For an appointment with the CSBS Internship Coordinator, contact Dominique Blanc.


Dominique BlancDominique Blanc

Internship Coordinator
(801) 587-7359



The following links will provide more information on internship opportunities and funding through the Department of Psychology and the Hinckley Institute:

Student Groups

Student groups provide a tremendous way to get involved with peers and others at the University of Utah.  Student groups can help you network, gain experience, and find new opportunities.  The following are several student groups related to psychology here at the University of Utah:

Additional Opportunities

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