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The Psychology Advising Center (PAC) is your undergraduate advising resource. Visit the PAC office for more information and tools to guide your undergraduate career.


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Bachelor's Program

The Department of Psychology offers a dynamic major, minor, Human Factors Certificate and Honors Track in Psychology. Coursework includes the study of psychology as a profession, cognition, intergroup relations, infancy, emotions, human performance, personality, sexuality, health and much more.

Various opportunities are available for undergraduate students in and outside of the classroom. Students may perform research as research assistants or receive hands on experience through a local organization as field experience participants. Learn More…

Ph.D Graduate Programs

Clinical Ph.D. Program

The APA-accredited Clinical Training Program in the Department of Psychology at the University of Utah follows the principles of a clinical science model.

Social Ph.D. Program

The social psychology program explores major themes in the search for understanding human behavior in a social world, including close relationships, health and well-being, diversity, and culture.

CNS Ph.D. Program

The Cognition and Neural Science (CNS) program places a strong emphasis on merging basic brain and cognitive science with applied domains.

Developmental Ph.D.Program

The Developmental Program specializes in research on the development of social and interpersonal processes in real-world contexts from infancy through adulthood.


Craig Bryan Craig Bryan receives Presidential Scholar award. The Presidential Scholar award is a prestigious award given out by the University of Utah to recognize excellence and achievement for faculty members at the associate professor level. Congratulations Craig!


David Strayer Gives TEDx Talk On The Mind's Connection to NatureDavid Strayer Gives TEDx Talk On The Mind's Connection to Nature

Are there benefits to leaving technology behind and reconnecting with nature? Dr. David Strayer, who researches attention, tested this question by looking at differences in brain activity when people took a short break.


Brennan Payne and Samantha Joel Named APS Rising Stars in 2017Brennan Payne and Samantha Joel Named APS Rising Stars in 2017

Samantha Joel and Brennan Payne have been named Association for Psychological Science Rising Stars for 2017.


Craig and AnnaBelle Bryan Work Together for Veterans' CareCraig and AnnaBelle Bryan Work Together for Veterans' Care

University of Utah veteran psychologists AnnaBelle and Craig Bryan have researched and developed suicide-prevention and PTSD treatments with "near-perfect" success rates, as reported in Stars and Stripes magazine.


Ed Diener's Happiness Research and the Norwegian LifestyleEd Diener's Happiness Research and the Norwegian Lifestyle

It's 2018, and many people are wondering what resolutions to make to ensure a happy new year. What advice can we take from psychological research, as well as from the citizens of Norway?


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Last Updated: 1/2/18