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Graduate Courses

Graduate Statistics Courses - 5 Year Schedule

Annual Offerings:

  • Quantitative Methods I
  • Quantitative Methods II

Offered approximately every two years:

  • Multilevel Modeling: Last offering Spring 2022; Next offering not yet planned. 
  • Structural Equation Modeling: Last offering Fall 2022; Next offering Fall 2024 very likely. 
  • Analysis of Temporal Variance: Available Fall 2023; Next offering not yet planned, but possibly Fall 2025. 

Offered only every 3-6 years:

  • Structural Equation Modeling II: Next offering may be 3+ years.
  • Systems: Last offering: Next offering may be 3+ years.
  • Multilevel Modeling II: Last offering Spring 2023; Next offering may be 3+ years.

Rare Offerings:

  • Workshop: 
  • Non-linear dynamics: 
Last Updated: 8/21/23