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General Overview

The 9th floor suite contains 3 linked suites (1 control room with 2 adjacent monitoring rooms), 2 separate rooms, and a general area with a sink and -80 degree freezer. 

  1. 913 L,M,N Suite: Specialized for clinical interviews with potential for dyadic work.
  2. 913 F,G,J Suite: Specialized for dyadic/family research.
  3. 913 A,C,E Suite: Specialized for psychophysiological/dyadic assessments.
  4. 913: B EEG testing chambers or for running individual participants.

All space will be requested through the Space Committee.  There will be two levels of approval (see below procedure).  The first will be a general approval to use the space for a semester (unfunded work) or a year (grant funded work).  The second will be requesting actual times for using the room during each month.  Researchers should not request more than 3 days of the week to allow for flexibility.  Please also be sure to only request the times you need as this is a shared resource and will minimize conflicts.

As this is shared space, it is important for users to clean up for the next person, including storing equipment, study supplies/materials, and other sensitive materials in cubbies or their respective labs.  To facilitate short-term storage, there are 16 cabinets, each with an individual key in the reception area, as well as locking drawers in the reception area and some locking cabinets in each control room.  In short, please return the room to its original general set-up after use.  Laboratories should be mindful of supervising their research assistants and minimizing noise (e.g., conversations in the hallway) given the shared nature of the space.

When relevant, laboratories should seek to include support for the use of the space in their current and future grants (e.g., technician, equipment, or any other resources) as this will contribute to this shared resource.

Priorities in using space

If there are conflicts in using the space (e.g., days/times), the following will be used to determine priority. 

  1. Grant supported work with community samples, couples, families, and veterans, or EEG.
  2. Grant supported work with undergraduates.
  3. Non-grant supported research with community samples, couples, families, and veterans, or EEG.
  4. Interdisciplinary teams.
  5. All other projects.

Please note: requests for more than 3 hours per week will be prioritized for those teaching courses during the semester as opposed to those preparing for the next semester.

Procedure for Requesting Use of Space[1]

  1. Interested researchers would contact Wendy Reeve to schedule time in the rooms at the beginning of each semester. Approval will be good for the entire academic year for grant funded work and a semester for unfunded studies. 
  1. As part of the request, please detail the following:
    1. Title of project.
    2. List of collaborators/investigators.
    3. Whether project is grant funded.
    4. Type of population being recruited (e.g., community, families etc.).
    5. A short one paragraph abstract of the project.
    6. Suite requested.
    7. Days/times during the week in which you would like to reserve the suite.
  1. In general, researchers should not request more than 3 days of the week to allow for flexibility. Researchers assigned to the space should let the Space Committee Chair know at least a week in advance if they will not be using the space so that others might be given access. 

    Please note: Generally speaking, availability in the lab will be first come, first serve.  When reserving the lab for more than 3 hours, prior approval will be needed. 
  1. At the end of the project, the investigators will complete a brief write-up of the study. This is important as it allows the department to justify, and potentially expand, on this shared investment. End summaries should be completed within 6 months following the use of space and include the following:
  1. A summary of main findings.
  2. Any resulting academic products such as presentations/publications (student and faculty) etc.
  3. New grant submissions or collaborations resulting from the use of the space.

[1]There is a separate procedure for requesting use of shared EEG equipment.


Last Updated: 6/4/21