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Behavior Centered Safety Lab (BCSL)


Our lab supports students pursuing the Human Factors Certificate, senior thesis projects, and those who are interested in gaining research lab experience.

Current Projects

Current Studies

Autonomous Driving

We have three ongoing research projects examining human interaction with autonomous vehicles. We are looking at how cognitive workload, distractions, and physiological measures affect quantitative and qualitative reactions.

Adherence Engineering

A current research study uses a controlled laboratory paradigm to determine the underlying factors that contribute to lack of handwashing adherence in health care settings.

Commuter Safety on Campus

This study aims to address the dangerous interactions between bikers and pedestrians around campus. We are identifying problem areas and will use an applied human factors approach remedy conflicts. Results of this study will be presented to the University's campus safety to potentially increase the safety of commuters.

Perceptual Judgements

We are evaluating how people perceive sizes of objects in digital images based on different rotations in space. We are interested in determining if using a body as a frame of reference increases accuracy in discrimination of size.


Last Updated: 4/4/23