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Climate Survey Report

What is the purpose of the climate survey?

The purpose of this survey was to assess perceptions of the department climate regarding equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) and to identify priority areas for growth. We assessed three main areas:

  1. how the department climate supports or hinders EDI,
  2. whether people have access to available and necessary resources (e.g., inclusion and safety)
  3. how the department can improve EDI efforts and/or address concerns within the department.


How was the climate survey administered?

We distributed the climate survey to all current faculty, staff, graduate students via departmental listservs. Respondents were given the opportunity to enter their name in a drawing for 1 of 10 $50 Amazon gift cards (approximately proportionally dispersed across faculty/staff and students).


Who responded to the survey?

We collected 105 total responses, primarily from faculty members (39%) and postdocs/graduate students (49%). Representation of different areas was relatively proportional to the size of the area (approximate respondent breakdown of faculty/students was 35% Clinical, 12% CNS, 19% Developmental, 18% Social, 16% chose not to disclose area).

People were permitted to skip any and all questions; 6 people skipped more than half of the questions in the survey. Approximately 58% identified with one or more groups who are marginalized, stigmatized, or underserved in higher education (e.g., people of color, first-gen student, LGBTQIA+, international student). Of this 58%, 11% identified with at least two groups. Thirty-two percent of the respondents did not identify with any of these groups, and 9% preferred not to disclose.



Climate Survey 2021 Results

Last Updated: 6/20/24