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Executive Lab

Executive Functioning (EF) refers to those neurocognitive abilities that allow one to plan, select, and execute actions that are purposeful and adaptive, goal-directed and future-oriented, and socially informed (Suchy, 2015, p. 10).

The Executive Lab undertakes projects that focus on improving our theoretical and clinical understanding of the construct of EF, its assessment, and its interface with motor and affective processes. 


Lab Director:

Yana Suchy, Ph.D., ABPP-CN

Curriculum Vitae


Graduate Students:

Madison Niermeyer, M.S.

Rosemary Ziemnik, M.S.

Stacey Brothers


Current Projects

Expressive Suppression and EF

Exaggerated Reaction to Novelty and Preclinical Cognitive Decline

The DAILIES (Daily Assessment of Independent Living and Executive Skills)


Future Students:

The Executive Lab is currently planning to recruit a new graduate student for Fall 2020


Last Updated: 6/4/21