Honors Track

The Departmental Honors Track in Psychology allows Honors College students who are psychology majors to earn an official Honors Bachelor's degree in Psychology. This is the only way that psychology majors can have the designation of Honors appear on their degree.

The honors advisory for psychology, Dr. Jeanine Stefanucci, will be holding office hours in 2017-2018 by appointment. To schedule an appointment, contact her at jeanine.stefanucci@psych.utah.edu

Jonna Turrill, M.S. is also available for psychology honors advising during the 2017-2018 academic year. Her office hours are by appointment. To contact Jonna or schedule an appointment, please email her at jonna.turrill@psych.utah.edu.


Overview and Benefits of the Honors Track

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Application and Requirements

Honors Thesis Students

Last Updated: 9/22/17