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PSY 4951: Peer Advising


Volunteering as a Peer Advisor in the Psychology Advising Center (PAC) is a great way to gain valuable experience while exploring and developing a useful skillset.  You will receive upper division Psychology elective credit (4000-level) while advising students on degree completion, career choices, academic resources, and more.

Advising in the PAC provides opportunities to learn about graduate school, organize events, speak to groups, and complete other projects relevant to department and student life in general.  Peer Advising can be especially enriching for Psychology students who have career goals in counseling, clinical, or therapy-type settings.  As a Peer Advisor you will gain unique experience in listening, communicating, working as a cross-functional team member, and in developing overall confidence and efficacy in yourself and others.

To be a Peer Advisor, you must commit to 4-6 credits over two semesters.  For every credit hour enrolled, students must work 3 hours in the PAC; Peer Advising is a minimum of 6 hours a week each semester and students may choose to do 2 or 3 credits each semester.  Approximately 2-4 students are selected to be a Peer Advisor each year.  Peer Advisors must be at least a Junior and declared in Psychology.

The first semester is mainly comprised of training, shadowing, and taking appointments while being shadowed, and some assignments through Canvas.  The second semester will consist of taking appointments and reflection assignments through Canvas, as well as a final project.  Examples of past projects include worksheets for preparing for grad school, Psychology careers worksheets, planning and attending tabling events at Salt Lake Community College, and more.  Creativity is welcome!

Selection for Fall 2019-Spring 2020 has already taken place, but check back in October for more information about the opportunity in Spring 2020-Summer 2020.

Contact the Lead Psychology Advisor with any questions.

Madeline Olsen

Maddi Olsen

Lead Psychology Academic Advisor



Last Updated: 8/9/19