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The DAILIES (Daily Assessment of Independent LIving and Executive Skills) is an instrument that consists of a series of tasks that closely mimic instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs).  Parcitipants complete these tasks independently at home, over the course of several weeks. IADLs from the categories of shopping, communication, finances, and medication management are assessed.


Recently, the laboratories headed by Drs. Suchy (the Executive Lab)  and Euler (the Neural Dynamics Lab) have joined forces to run this large ConVExA project that also includes EEG indices as markers of important individual differences that interact with EF in predicting functional outcomes.  In this project, community dwelling older adults are assessed at baseline (executive functioning, cognitive reserve, mental status, personality, and EEG) and then followed for three weeks while completing the DAILIES. Additionally, complexity of daily life, experience of pain, sleep quality, and emotion regulation demands are assessed daily via smart phone technology.  The goal of this project is to identfy which individuals, and under what circumstances, are at risk for lapses in daily functioning, building on the principles of the ConVExA model.

Last Updated: 6/4/21