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Certificates and Academic Designations


The University of Utah provides a number of specialized certificates across a wide variety of disciplines. Earning one of these certificates may help to broaden your knowledge base, and hone a particular set of skills. Depending on your area of interest, these certificates are often a great complement to a BA/BS in Psychology, and may help signal to employers your expertise in particular area of study.

For additional information on certificates offered by the University of Utah, please visit the Academic Advising Center’s Major Exploration website.

Academic Designations

As with certifications, earning academic designations not only highlights your academic achievements, but provides an invaluable process in which you can develop important skill sets. Additionally, the process of earning these designations often generates a portfolio of work that may be presented to employers. The list below contains a few of the academic designations you may want to consider.

Honors at Graduation

It is possible to earn an honors distinction at graduation specifically for your grade point average (GPA). In contrast to earning an honors degree through coursework in the Honors College (noted on both your transcript and diploma, see Honors Track), honors at graduation is determined solely by your GPA, and is noted on your transcript only. See Honors at Graduation for more information.

Last Updated: 6/4/21