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Neuropsychology and Neural Dynamics Lab

Adaptive behavior requires the ability to anticipate, identify, and respond to the challenges that arise within a dynamically changing environment. For the brain, this translates into the need to rapidly and flexibly coordinate the networks most appropriate to any given situation, and which in turn are likely to be key points of cognitive variability both within and across people.

With those premises in mind, the work in our lab aims to help clarify how variation in neural dynamics relates to higher-order cognition, and how that information could ultimately be used to improve cognitive assessment. Finding the answers to these questions has implications for both basic science and clinical problems, ranging from better understanding the nature of intelligence, to improving the diagnosis and treatment of various neurocognitive disorders.

We pursue these questions though studies that that combine standardized cognitive assessments, experimental tasks, and electrophysiological (EEG) measures of spontaneous and task-related brain activity. At present, the work in our lab concerns three main lines of research:

Current Projects:

Lab Director:

Matt Euler, Ph.D.

Current Graduate Students:

Ty McKinney, M.S.
Jasmin Guevara
Julia Vehar

Prospective Graduate Students:

We do not have any openings for new graduate students for the current 2022-2023 recruitment cycle.

Last Updated: 9/9/22