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Rachel Hopman

Rachel Hopman

Graduate Student, Cognition and Neural Science | CNS

Adviser: David Strayer

Curriculum Vitae
Applied Cognition Laboratory

Contact Information

Office: 1104 BEHS
Phone: 801-585-1466

Research Interests

I'm currently researching the theory of attention restoration by exploring possible neurological changes with exposure to various natural settings. Using EEG and behavioral measurements, we are determining how attention to an environment influences the experience of cognition restoration in nature.
I also research how cognition distraction influences driving performance. We use behavioral and physiological measurements to determine levels of distraction potential when interacting with functions of equipped on-road vehicles


M.S, Cognition and Neural Sciences, University of Utah
B.S, Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Selected Publications

2016 National Geographic Article "Call to the Wild" Download

2015 AAA Foundation Report: Comparison of On-Road Vehicles Download

2015 AAA Foundation Report: Comparison of Smartphone Assistants ’’Download

Last Updated: 6/4/21