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Research Interests

Attention and Performance, Skill Acquisition and Skilled Performance, Mathematical Modeling of Human Performance, Cognitive Psychophysiology (eye tracking, EEG), Cognition in the Wild (Attention Restoration Theory), Cognitive Distraction in the Vehicle

My work examines how attention functions within multiple research domains, from assessing the limits of human multitasking ability while performing complex tasks such as driving, to studying how attentional capacities can be restored by interacting with nature. We use converging methodologies in our lab to measure changes in both attention and performance, from psychophysiological (EEG and fMRI), subjective ratings, to primary (e.g., driving performance) and secondary task (e.g., reaction time) measures.

Opportunities For Students

We regularly have undergraduate research assistant volunteer positions available at the beginning of Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. Contact my graduate students (listed below) for more information.

My Applied Cognition Laboratory accepts graduate students roughly every other year. Feel free to contact me or my graduate students (listed below) if you have questions about this year's application process.


Ph.D., University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign (Psychology, 1989)

My Graduate Students


Spencer Castro, MS
Sara LoTemplio
Amy McDonnell
Emily Scott


Rachel Hopman, Ph.D. Summer 2018
Jonna Turrill, Ph.D. Summer 2018
James Coleman, Ph.D. Spring 2018
Nathan Ward, Ph.D. Spring 2013

Last Updated: 9/5/23