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Honors Graduates for Spring 2019

The Departmental Honors Track in Psychology allows Honors College students who are psychology majors to earn an official Honors Bachelor's degree in Psychology.  This is the only way that psychology majors can have the designation of Honors appear on their degree.  

Barbara Camara

ADVISOR:  Elisabeth Conradt

Can More Sensitive Caregiving Buffer the Effects of Maternal Depression on Child Problem Behavior?


Kate Warnock

ADVISOR: Paul White

The Effect of Stereotype Threat on Stereotype Activation


Kelsey Barney

ADVISOR: Tim Smith

Emotional Regulation Technique as the Link Between Family Background and Emotional Reactivity


Rene Gilfillan

ADVISOR:  Cynthia Berg

Patient and Partner Illness Appraisal in Type 1 Diabetes: Observed and Perceived Behavior in Diabetes-Related Discussion Task


Samantha Sueoka

ADVISOR:  Lee Raby

Secure Base Script and Social Competence Among High and Low-Risk Children


Nour Jatool

ADVISOR:  Cynthia Berg / Eunjin Lee

Comorbidity in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes and the Implications for Social Support


Haley Smihula

ADVISOR:  Sara Weisenbach

Late-life Depression Symptoms Severity as a Predictor of Cognition and White Matter Microstructure


Kaul Lee

ADVISOR:  Monisha Pasupathi

Anger Co-rumination Among Same-Sex Adolescent Peers


Vanesa Shrivastava

ADVISOR:  Brennan Payne

The Effects of Text Captioning on Bilingual Non-Native English Speaker's English Language Comprehension and Memory


Yasmin Peralta

ADVISOR:  Patricia Kerig

The Roles of Emotion Dysregulation and Hopelessness in the Delinquent and Aggressive Behavior of Justice-Involved Youth


Last Updated: 5/30/19