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Graduates for Spring 2019

Doctor of Philosophy

Clinical Psychology



Crosby Modrowski

Crosby Modrowski, Ph.D.

ADVISOR:  Patricia Kerig

Risk Factors and Mechanisms Associated with Crossing Over from Child Welfare to the Juvenile Justice System

Cognition & Neuroscience

Chad Moffitt

Chad Moffitt, Ph.D. 

ADVISOR:  Jason Watson

On the Flexibility of Cognitive Processing: Behavioral and Pupillometry Indices of Individual Differences in Attentional Control

Lace Padilla

Lace Padilla, Ph.D.

ADVISOR:  Sarah Creem-Regehr

Visual-spatial Biases in Ensemble Cognition

Masters of Science

Clinical Psychology


MaryJane Simms Campbell

MaryJane Simms Campbell, MS

ADVISOR:  Cynthia Berg

Parental Self-Control as a Moderator of the Association Between Family Conflict and Type 1 Diabetes Management

Lucybel Mendez

Lucybel Mendez, MS

ADVISOR:  Patricia Kerig

The Roles of Polyvictimization and Discrimination in the Association Between Neighborhood Disadvantage and Offending

Cognition and Neuroscience

Sara LoTemplio

Sara LoTemplio, MS

ADVISOR:  David Strayer

Nature as a Modulator of the Error-Related Negativity

Graduates for Summer 2019

Doctor of Philosophy

Clinical Psychology


Jeremy Grove

Jeremy Grove, Ph.D.

ADVISOR:  Tim Smith

Suicide Cognitions and Emotional Responses to a Laboratory Stressor: The Mediating Role of Nightly Subjective Sleep Quality

Madison Niermeyer

Madison Niermeyer, Ph.D.

ADVISOR:  Yana Suchy

Walking, Talking, and Suppressing: The Effect of Executive Functioning Depletion on Older Adults' Motor Output

Priya Ramanujam

Priya Ramanujam, Ph.D.

ADVISOR:  Michael Himle

The Role of the Premonitory Urge in Tic Control: A Behavioral and Neurophysiological Investigation

Sara Turner

Sara Turner, Ph.D.

ADVISOR:  Cynthia Berg

Daily Sleep Quality and Type 1 Diabetes Management in Emerging Adults with Type 1 Diabetes: A Dynamical Systems Examination

Developmental Psychology

Kris Oldroyd

Kris Oldroyd, Ph.D.

ADVISOR:  Monisha Pasupathi

The Body Represented

Brendan Ostlund

Brendan Ostlund, Ph.D.

ADVISOR:  Elisabeth Conradt

Establishing the Psychometric Properties of the Electroencephalogram Spectral Slope: A Non-Invasive Index of Infant Neural Noise

Cognition and Neuroscience


Erica Barhorst-Cates

Erica Barhorst-Cates, PH.D.

ADVISOR:  Jeanine Stefanucci

Motor Dependence in Spatial Updating: Individual Differences in Age and Movement Experience

Spencer Castro

Spencer Castro, PH.D.

ADVISOR:  David Strayer

Dynamic Workload Modeling for Driving and Conversation

Masters of Science

Clinical Psychology


Kelsi Rugo, MS

ADVISOR:  Craig Bryan

Investigating Mediators of the PTSD-Suicide Association Among Active Duty Army Soldiers


Robert Vlisides-Henry, MS

ADVISOR:  Sheila Crowell

Like Mother Like Daughter (Or Son): Prenatal Exposure to Maternal Stress and Emotion Dysregulation as Predictors of Newborn Neurobehavior


Colin Adamo

Colin Adamo, MS

ADVISOR:  Brian Baucom

Analysis of Advanced Methodology for the Study of Relationship Confict in Naturalistic Settings

Mallory Kidwell

Mallory Kidwell, MS

ADVISOR:  Patricia Kerig

 Affect Dysregulation After Adversity: Psychophysiological Correlates of Emotional Under- and Overmodulation in Adolescents Exposed to Trauma

Kimberly Parkhurst

Kimberly Parkhurst, MS

ADVISOR:  Tim Smith

Tonic Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia and Trait Affiliation: A Test of the Quadratic Vagal Activity-Prosociality Hypothesis

Brianna Wellen

Brianna Wellen, MS

ADVISOR:  Michael Himle

 Psychosocial Interventions for Persistent Tic Disorders and Related Functional Impairment: Applying Latent Change Score Models to Investigate Change Processes

Rosemary Ziemnik

Rosemary Ziemnik, MS

ADVISOR:  Yana Suchy

Incremental Validity of the Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System (D-KEFS) and the Pillbox Text for Predicting Weekly Medication Management

Developmental Psychology


Mindy Brown, MS

ADVISOR:  Elisabeth Conradt

An Experimental Test of the Effects of Acute Stress and Parental Bonding History on Maternal Sensitivity


Cognition and Neuroscience



Grace Nicora

Grace Nicora, MS

ADVISOR:  Frank Drew

Evaluating the Target Template and Distractor Memory in a Real-World Search Environment

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