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Clinical Neuropsychology Program

Clinical neuropsychology is a formally recognized specialty area under the umbrella of clinical psychology. Clinical neuropsychologists are individuals who, in addition to being trained in general clinical psychology, are also trained in theoretical, empirical, and practical aspects of brain-behavior relationships. Most clinical neuropsychologists work in medical centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or private practice, as well as medical schools or universities. Typical neuropsychologists spend at least some portion of their work week evaluating cognitive and emotional functioning of patients suffering from various types of brain dysfunction. Additionally, many clinical neuropsychologist also devote some portion of their time to patient treatment, such as conducting psychotherapy with brain-injured patients and their families, or developing cognitive rehabilitation programs. Finally, the majority of clinical neuropsychologists, whether employed primarily in clinical or academic settings, engage in research activities aimed at the advancement of our understanding of brain-behavior relationships, as well as the advancement of neuropsychological assessment techniques.


Last Updated: 3/17/23