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Erica Barhorst-Cates

Erica Barhorst

Graduate Student, Cognition and Neural Science | CNS

Adviser: Jeanine Stefanucci

Curriculum Vitae

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Contact Information

Office: 906 BEHS


Bachelor of Arts, Texas Tech University (Psychology, 2013)

M.S., University of Utah (Psychology, 2016)

Research Interests

In my research I explore the effects of various experiential and environmental factors on individuals’ spatial cognition and navigation abilities. My research program investigates three lines of research — (1) low vision visual perception, mobility, and navigation, (2) the effects of large-scale experiences with home environment structure and mobility on navigation strategy, and (3) the effects of movement experiences (training in dance and sports) on spatial cognition. I use both real-world movement and virtual reality methods to answer my research questions and work with children, younger adults, and older adults.


Last Updated: 7/8/19