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Carina Pals, PH.D.

Carina Pals

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Cognition & Neural Science (CNS)

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests

My current interests are Speech understanding in challenging listening conditions, listening effort, hearing impairment, and listening effort in non-native listeners. Area specialty: Auditory perception and cognition. I currently teach the following undergraduate courses: Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuropsychology, Sensation and Perception, Memory and Cognition in Everyday Life, Human Factors & Ergonomics, and a special topic on Language and Speech at the University of Utah Asia Campus.

Opportunities for Students

I am working towards setting up a research program  at the University of Utah Asia Campus and may in the future be able to provide research experience opportunities here.


PhD, University of Groningen/University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands (Auditory Perception and Cognition, 2016)
MSc, University of Groningen, The Netherlands (Artificial Intelligence, Language and Speech Technology, 2008)

Selected Publications

Pals, C., Sarampalis, A., Beynon, A., Stainsby, T., & Başkent, D. (Accepted for publication). “Effect of spectral resolution on speech intelligibility, comprehension, and listening effort in cochlear-implant users.” Trends in Hearing.

Pals, C., Sarampalis, A., van Dijk, M., & Başkent, D. (2019). “Effects of Additional Low-Pass–Filtered Speech on Listening Effort for Noise-Band–Vocoded Speech in Quiet and in Noise” Ear and Hearing, 40, 3-17. DOI: 10.1097/AUD.0000000000000587

Pals, C., Sarampalis, A., van Rijn, H., & Başkent, D. (2015). “Validation of a simple response-time measure of listening effort.”  Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 138(3), EL187-EL192. DOI: 10.1121/1.4929614

Pals, C., Sarampalis, A., & Başkent, D. (2013). “Listening Effort with Cochlear Implant Simulations.” Journal of speech, language, and hearing research: JSLHR, 4388. doi:10.1044/1092-4388(2012/12-0074)

Last Updated: 6/4/21