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Feea Leifker, Ph.D.

Feea Leifker, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

Office: 911 BEHS
Phone: 213-1031


My research focuses on the bidirectional association between psychopathology (specifically posttraumatic stress disorder and suicide) and intimate relationship functioning and dysfunction. I am particularly interested in the function of social support, intimacy, and aggression within the couple context and how these processes function when one or both partners have some form of psychopathology. It is my goal for this line of research to inform intervention adaptation or development to improve relationship functioning and mental health functioning.


Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University (2016)
Predoctoral Clinical Internship: University of California, San Diego/San Diego VA
M.P.H., Emory University (2007)
B.A., Carleton College (2005)


Khalifian, C. E., Leifker, F. R., Morland, L. A., Depp, C, Glynn, S., & Bryan, C. J. (in press). Treatment for Relationships and Safety Together (TR&ST): A novel couples-based suicide-specific intervention. The Behavioral Therapist.

Leifker, F. R., Leo, K., Adamo, C., & Baucom, B. R. W. (in press). Suicide as an interpersonal phenomenon: Dyadic methodological and statistical considerations. Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior.

Leifker, F. R. & Marshall, A. D. (2019). The impact of negative attributions on the link between observed partner social support and posttraumatic stress disorder symptom severity. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 65, 19-25.

Sullivan, T. J., Leifker, F. R., & Marshall, A. D. (2018). Observed emotional expressivity, posttraumatic stress disorder, and intimate partner violence perpetration among community couples. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 31, 352-361.

Leifker, F. R., Hanley, K., Blandon, A. Y., & Marshall, A. D. (2015). Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms impact the emotional experience of intimacy during couple discussions. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 29, 119-127.

Hanley, K., Leifker, F. R., Blandon, A. Y., Marshall, A. D. (2013). Gender differences in the impact of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms on intimacy among community couples. Journal of Family Psychology, 27, 525-530.

Last Updated: 10/15/20