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Ansuk Jeong, Ph.D.

Ansuk Jeong, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Social Psychology, Health Psychology


Contact Information


Research Interests

  1. Cancer patients and their family caregivers: how do they cope with the stress and what helps their coping; how do they distribute the responsibilities within family; how do their attitudes change in the process.
  2. Immigrant families: how do they adapt in a new culture; how does host culture affect the immigrants' acculturation process.

Opportunities For Students

These are what will start in January 2016. The details will be provided in the near future.

  1. Self-concept and well-being of people with chronic illness: A multisite study
    • Three major hospitals in South Korea will participate in this study. The department of neurology and the department of family medicine will be the sites of recruitement. A quantitiative survey will be conducted.
  2. North Korean defectors in South Korea: How do they make it?
    • There are a few "superkids" among North Korean defectors in South Korea, where they face unexpected discrimination. A qualitative study will be conducted to examine the protective and resilient factors for their adjustment in S.Korea.


B.A., Yonsei University (Psychology)
B.A., Yonsei University (Korean Linguistics)
M.A., Yonsei University (Clinical Psychology)
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago (Community Psychology)

Last Updated: 7/9/19