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Michael Himle, Ph.D.

Michael Himle, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology

Curriculum Vitae

Program for Underrepresented and Disadvantaged Scholars

Contact Information

Office: 1330 BEHS
Phone: 801-581-7529

Research Interests

Behavioral conceptualization and treatment of obsessive complsive-spectrum disorders and "habits" with an emphasis on Tourette & tic disorders; Examining the utility/validity of a proposed OC-spectrum; Dissemination of empirically supported interventions- especially through technology (e.g., telehealth and online/computerized treatment protocols); Behavioral Skills Training

Opportunities For Students

Graduate students who work in my lab typically come in with interests in one of the areas described above. Prior research experience and a basic working knowledge of cognitive-behavioral theory will make candidates more competitive.The University of Utah Clinical Psychology program is committed to the clinical science model and strives to provide well-rounded, balanced training in research and empirically-informed clinical practice. Consistent with this model, I make it a priority that graduate students who work in my lab will not only learn to conduct high-quality research, but will also learn how to deliver cognitive-behavioral treatment for disorders in which CBT is indicated. Students who have significant interests in both conducting research and translating that research into evidence-based practice will fit best with my lab. In addition, students in my lab typically have a strong research focus and are actively engaged in numerous research projects beyond the program requirements of a thesis and dissertation. Students in my lab will have many opportunities to present and publish research.In addition, I am always looking for undergraduate students who are interested in gaining research experience in one of the aforementioned (or related areas).

I am not planning to admit a graduate student into my lab in the 2022 application / 2023 admission cycle.


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2007)
Predoctoral, Clinical Internship: Brown University Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior
M.S., North Dakota State University (2003)
B.S., University of North Dakota (2000)

Selected Publications

Ricketts, E.J., Bauer, C.C., Ran. D., Himle, M.B., & Woods, D.W. (in press). Pilot open case series of voice over internet protocol-delivered behavior therapy for chronic tic disorders. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice.

Shprecher, D., Himle, M.B., Schrock, L. (in press). Neurobehavioral aspects, pathophysiology, and management of Tourette's syndrome. Current Opinion in Neurology.

*Ramanujam, K., Himle, M.B., *Hayes, L.P., Woods, D.W., Scahill, L.D., Sukhodolsky, D.G., Wilhelm, S., Deckersbach, T., Peterson, A.L., Walkup, J.T., Chang, S., Piacentini, J.C. (in press). Correlates and predictors of caregiver strain in children with chronic tic disorders. Children's Health Care.

Himle, M.B., *Capriotti, M., Hayes, L., Wilhelm, S. Deckersback, T., Specht, M., Walkup, J., Scahill, L., Sukholdolsky, D., Peterson, A., Chang, S., & Piacentini, J. (in press). Variables associated with tic exacerbation in children with chronic tic disorders. Behavior Modification.

*Capriotti, M.R., Piacentini, J.C., Himle, M.B., Rickets, E.J., Espil, F.M., Lee, H.J., Turkel, J.E., & Woods, D.W. (in press). Assessing environmental consequences if ticcing in youth with chronic tic disorders: The Tic Accommodation and Reactions Scale. Children's Health Care.

Scahill, L., Woods, D.W., Himle, M.B., Peterson, A.L., Wilhelm, S., Piacentini, J.C., McNaught, K., Walkup, J.T., & Mink, J.W. (2013). Current controversies on the role of behavior therapy in Tourette syndrome. Movement Disorders, 28, 1179-1183.

Himle, M.B., *Freitag, M., *Walther, M., *Franklin, S.A., Ely, L., & Woods, D.W. (2012). A randomized pilot trial comparing videoconference versus face-to-face delivery of behavior therapy for childhood tic disorders. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 50, 565-570. doi: 10.1016/j.brat.2012.05.009.

My Current Graduate Students

Laura Graham Holmes
Loran Hayes
Priya Ramanujam

Last Updated: 7/22/22