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Research Interests

Examine the ways that those in close relationship (parent-adolescent dyads and triads, married couples) interact as they work together to solve everyday problems and deal with daily stressors especially dealing with chronic health conditions (diabetes, prostate cancer, pain, cardiovascular disease). Examine physiological (heart rate, blood pressure) and interpersonal processes (affiliation, control) that characterize effective collaboration surrounding everyday problems and interpersonal conflicts and the normative ways that such processes may change across parent-child dyads during adolescence and across adulthood in long-term married couples. Collaboration can serve several functions for those in close relationships including cognitive compensation, enhancing relationship satisfaction, reducing physiological distress, and enhancing adherence to a medical regimen.

Opportunities For Students

We are looking for students who are excellent workers as well as independent and able to take direction well. We are particularly interested in applicants who are majoring in psychology or a health-related field (at least in their sophmore year) with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. We do require at least 3 hours of work per week, and prefer 6, so only those students who are able to commit to that time should inquire. We will provide all the necessary training so no previous research experience is required, although any students who have had experience should not be discouraged from applying. Interested students should have some degree of computer experience (i.e., familiar with the internet and Microsoft Word and have access to email). Interested parties with special skills (e.g., bilingual with excellent communication skills in English and Spanish, data entry experience) are particularly encouraged to apply. Cindy Berg's Lab is looking for research assistants. If you are interested fill out the application. Download Application


Ph.D. Yale University (Developmental Psychology, 1987)
M.Phil. Yale University (Developmental Psychology, 1985)
M.S. Yale University (Developmental Psychology, 1984)
B.S. University of Washington (Psychology, 1981)

Selected Publications

Berg, C. A., Wiebe, D. J., & Butner, J. (2011). Affect Covariation in Marital Couples Dealing with Stressors Surrounding Prostate Cancer. Gerontology, 57, 167-172. Download

Berg, C. A., King, P., Butler, J., Pham, P., Palmer, D. & Wiebe, D. J. (2011). Parental involvement and adolescents diabetes management: The mediating role of self-efficacy and externalizing and internalizing behaviors. J of Pediatric Psychology, 36, 329-339. Download

Berg, C. A., Schindler, I., Smith, T. W., Skinner, M., & Beveridge, R. M. (2011). Perceptions of the cognitive compensation and interpersonal enjoyment functions of collaboration among middle-aged and older married couples. Psychology and Aging, 26, 167-173. Download

Fingerman, K., Berg, C., Antonnuci, T., & Smith, J. (2011). (Eds.), Handbook of life-span psychology. New York: Springer. Download

Schindler, I., Berg, C. A., Butler, J., Fortenberry, K., & Wiebe, D. J. (2010). Shared possible selves and psychological well-being during times of illness: The role of collaborative problem solving. Journals of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences. 65B, 416-424. Download

Berg, C. A., Skinner, M., Ko, K., Butler, J., Palmer, D., Butner, J., & Wiebe, D. J. (2009). The Fit Between Stress Appraisal and Dyadic Coping in Predicting Perceived Coping Effectiveness for Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes. Journal of Family Psychology, 23, 521-530. Download

Palmer, K. L., Berg, C. A., Butler, J., Fortenberry, K., Murray, M., Lindsay, R., Donaldson, D., Swinyard, M., Foster, C., & Wiebe, D. J. (2009). Mothers', fathers', and children's perceptions of parental diabetes responsibility in adolescence: Examining the roles of age, pubertal status, and efficacy. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 34, 195-204. Download

My Current Graduate Students

Sara Turner
Caitlin Kelly

My Former Graduate Students

Batya Elbaum, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning, Department of Psychology, University of Miami

Tracy Masiello, Ph.D., CO Director, Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute, Ashville, NC

Sean Meegan, Ph.D., Senior Researcher at Intermountain Healthcare

Barbara Ross, Ph.D., Rehabilitation Psychologist/Neuropsychologist, Wausau Hospital, Wausau, WI

JoNell Strough, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Psychology, West Virginia University

Frances Deviney, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, Kids Count Director Center for Public Policy Priorities, Austin TX

Debra Palmer, Ph.D., Associate Professsor, Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Ryan Beveridge, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Delaware

Kelly Ko, Ph.D., Life Sciences Research Consultant, Cerner Corporation, Beverly Hills, CA

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