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Based on student feedback, it was decided to postpone convocation ceremonies. We still want to take opportunity to congratulate our graduates. We have 11 graduates that we would like to recognize. We have 4 of our students receiving their master’s degrees and 7 students receiving their Ph.D.s. We also have 14 honor students graduating. 

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Kimberley Johnson, MS

Kimberly Johnson

Advisor: Paula Williams

Individual Differences in Aesthetic Engagement and Proneness to Aesthetic Chill: Associations with Stress-Related Growth Orientation

Robyn Kilshaw, MS

Kimberly Johnson

Advisor: Patricia Kerig

Vocally-Encoded Emotional Arousal as a Marker of Trauma-Linked Callousness in a Sample of Detained Youth

Amy McDonnell, MS

Kimberly JohnsonAdvisor: David Strayer

Nature modulates neurophysiological correlates of reward

Ana Vazquez, MS

Kimberly JohnsonAdvisor: Craig Bryan

Lethality & Mortality: A test of the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide in a military population

Alex Crenshaw, Ph.D.

Alex CrenshawAdvisor: Brian Baucom

Autonomic processes associated with empathic accuracy in romantic couples

Danielle Geerling, Ph.D.

Danielle GeerlingAdvisor: Carol Sansone

Responding to Motivational Challenges: College Students’ Attributions about Motivation Problems

Jasara Hogan, Ph.D.

Jasara HoganAdvisor: Brian Baucom

Earthquake or Erosion?: A comparison of communication behaviors in everyday and conflict conversations

Ascher Munion, Ph.D.

Ascher MunionAdvisor: Jonathan Butner

Repeated measures designs are utilized across experimental psychology and cognitive science

Erika Roberge, Ph.D.

Erika RobergeAdvisor: Craig Bryan

Predicting response to cognitive processing therapy: Does trauma history matter?

Ruben Tinajero, Ph.D.

Ruben TinajeroAdvisor: Paula Williams

Associations among nonrestorative sleep, daytime dysfunction, and pre-sleep arousal: A multilevel modeling analysis

Lauren Williams, Ph.D.

Lauren WilliamsAdvisor: Trafton Drew

Identifying the characteristics of expertise in volumetric image interpretation

Last Updated: 6/4/21