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Psychology Awards 2019-2020

Trafton Drew Receives Irwin Altman Outstanding Psychology Faculty Award

The 2020 winner of the award was Dr. Trafton Drew. Trafton is an ideal recipient of this award as a complete scholar.  His research record in terms of publications and grant support is very impressive and he has excelled as instructor, mentor, and honors advisor.  Congratulations to Trafton on this well-deserved recognition. 

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Frank Drews Receives 2020 Franklin V. Taylor Award

Frank Drews was awarded the 2020 Franklin V. Taylor Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Applied Experimental/Engineering Psychology (APA, D21).  This award recognizes outstanding achievements made by a psychologist in applied experimental/engineering psychology by virtue of (1) research and publication, (2) special new contributions (e.g., equipment or techniques) or (3) general leadership in the field (e.g., teacher, director of laboratory, officer in societies). Congratulations Frank!

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Kristina Rand Receives Superior Teaching Award

Congratulations to Kristina Rand who was awarded a superior teaching award from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Kristina has been a fabulous instructor for the Psychology Department for a number of years and this award is more acknowledgement of her strong impact on so many students. Congratulations Kristina!


Jackie ChenAnu Asnaani Awarded Community-initiated Pilot Project Award

Congratulations to Anu Asnaani who was recently awarded a community-initiated pilot project award at the CCTS titled "Investigation of Community-Level Definitions of Mental Health, Mental Health Priority Areas, and Barriers to Care Across Diverse Communities: Development of a Framework for Culturally-Responsive, Evidence-Based Mental Health Intervention." The research team includes Dr. Ana Sanchez-Birkhead (College of Nursing and President of the Utah Hispanic Health Care Task Force) as well as Sheila Crowell and Jonathan Butner.  Big congrats to Anu and the team!

Sheila CrowellSheila Crowell Awarded 2020 Distinguished Mentor Award

Congratulations to Sheila who was awarded the 2020 Distinguished Mentor Award.  Sheila is being recognized for her outstanding mentorship to undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, and junior faculty.  Congratulations Sheila!

Ansuk Jeong Awarded Travel Award

Congratulations to Ansuk Jeong (University Asia Campus) who was awarded a travel award from the Asia Center to present her work and explore exchange program opportunities in Japan.  Congrats Ansuk!

Clayton Award for Excellence in Research

Congratulations to Kimberly Johnson and Jasmine Norman who were awarded the Clayton Award for Excellence in Research. 


Clayton Award for Excellence in Research on Underrepresented Populations

Congratulations to Danielle Drummond and Yeseul Nam who were awarded the Clayton Award for Excellence in Research on Underrepresented Populations

Robyn Kilshaw Awarded Kevin Hawley Memorial Award

Congratulations to Robyn Kilshaw who was awarded the Kevin Hawley Memorial Award

Jasmine Norman Awarded B. Jack White Award

Congratulations to Jasmine Norman who was awarded the B. Jack White Award

Danielle Geerling Awarded Nancy Patterson Klekas Outstanding Service Award

Congratulations to Danielle Geerling who was awarded the Nancy Patterson Klekas Outstanding Service Award

Jack Silcox Awarded Frederick T. Rhodewalt Award for Innovative Scholarship

Congratulations to Jack Silcox who was awarded the Frederick T. Rhodewalt Award for Innovative Scholarship

Graduate Research Fellowship

The Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) is an award given by the University of Utah Graduate School to provide the opportunity for full-time research during the academic year. The GRF is awarded to students based on both the quality and impact of their research as well as academic achievements. Lucybell Mendez and Brianna Wellen both received this fellowship. Congrats Lucybell and Brianna!

Emily Scott Awarded University Teaching Award

The purpose of the University Teaching Assistantship program is to improve graduate education programs and training at the University of Utah in the service of undergraduate education through the creative use of graduate teaching assistants. Awards are given to graduate students whose proposed courses have the potential to impact undergraduate education. Congrats Emily!

Robyn Kilshaw Awarded Gustafson Award

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences presents the Gustafson Award for the quantitative study of human behavior. Congrats Robyn!

Trafton Drew Awarded Bergmann Memorial Research Award

Congratulations to Trafton Drew who was awarded the prestigious Bergmann Memorial Research Award from the Binational Science Foundation. This is an early career award to recognize and further the professional development of promising young scientists. Congratulations Trafton!

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Last Updated: 6/4/21