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Psychology Department Launches New Initiatives to Improve the Undergraduate Experience

We invite you to join us as we continue our efforts to improve the undergraduate experience through enhanced support for internships, scholarships, and undergraduate research.

Creating networking communities within a large major

Alumni, emeriti, and friends of the department are invited to join us for new informal activities to welcome student veterans, nontraditional and returning students, and first-generation college students. We are starting with a series of welcome lunches with the goal of creating student-led groups that will let students build networks with each other and with faculty and graduate students.


Alumni panels

Share your work experience and advice with undergraduates. How did your psychology degree prepare you for the work you do now? What opportunities within the major should everyone pursue? If you are interested in participating, please contact Director of Undergraduate Studies, Monisha Pasupathi.


Support student internships

Does your workplace offer meaningful service and career-development opportunities related to psychology? If so, please consider working with us to develop an internship placement. Please contact April Sanders-Aboulila.  Please also consider supporting our new UPSI (Undergraduate Psychology Service & Internship) Awards. Parallel to the UROP Awards that support students in doing research with faculty, these awards support students with a modest stipend during the semester so they may pursue professionally relevant service and work opportunities.


Support students with a "fill-the-gap" scholarship

The University provides partial tuition scholarships to students, but these scholarships leave students with significant expenses. A small amount of funding can make a crucial difference by filling the gap – your contribution could turn a partial tuition scholarship into a full tuition one.


Support student research

Thanks to a generous gift from the Joseph A. and Ruth S. Clayton Trust, we are able to support 2-4 advanced graduate student research projects, but each year, we turn down many other worthy applications.  Your support could enable graduate students and undergraduate honors students to conduct cutting-edge research.


Contact info – To discuss potential contributions to internship support, student scholarships, and student research, please contact either Department Chair Lisa G. Aspinwall or Director of Undergraduate Studies Monisha Pasupathi.



Last Updated: 6/4/21