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Lisa Diamond's "Born this way" TED Talk

Lisa DiamondLisa M. Diamond studies how people express sexual attraction and sexual identity at different stages in their lives. She is renowned for her work on sexual fluidity, which describes a person's ability to experience shifts in their same-sex and other-sex attraction over time. Lisa is co-editor of the American Psychological Association (APA) Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology, the first, most comprehensive overview of the science that examines human sexuality from a psychological perspective. She has written more than 100 scholarly publications and book chapters, has presented her research all over the world and won multiple awards from myriad professional organizations.

In her talk, Lisa argued that although it's become common to promote LGBT equality by arguing that LGBT individuals are "born that way", there are three major problems with this approach: 1) it's not scientifically accurate, 2) it's not legally necessary and 3) it's unjust. You can view her presentation on YouTube:


As Lisa argued in her talk, "How and why and when individuals become LGBT may be fascinating to scientists like me, but it should have no bearing on whether their parents accept and embrace them and it certainly should have no bearing on public policy."

Last Updated: 6/4/21