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We are a community open to all faculty, staff, and students who believe in the importance of diversity in research, teaching, and service. To foster opportunities for underrepresented individuals and their allies, we seek to implement departmental policies and promote a culture that adheres to the following three tenets:

CONNECT: We will build bridges between the Psychology Department, other academic departments, off-campus diversity advocates, and the greater Utah community to spark conversation and learn from one another. We believe that open and empathetic dialogue between people with different intellectual and personal backgrounds cultivates compassion and raises awareness for important issues in diversity.

ENGAGE: After bridges are formed, they must be strengthened and maintained. We will sustain these relationships by supporting our department’s active participation in the diversification of research, teaching, and service. As a product of this engagement, we will contribute to the advancement of science as well as the broad communication and integration of our research findings and teaching practices.

THRIVE: We believe that creating a vibrant, well-connected community of diverse scholars will enable us to thrive as a department. We aspire to create an environment in which all individuals can reach their full potential, ultimately enriching the quality of our intellectual work and promoting further connection and engagement.


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Our Commitment to Diversity

In 1967, the Diversity Committee was established as a formal organization in the Department to promote minority issues and minority recruitment. In 1992, the Department created the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) to provide research experience and professional development training to underrepresented students in psychology. In 1998, the Department of Psychology was honored with a University of Utah Diversity Award in recognition of the Department's "leadership and commitment to enhance diversity and expand opportunities for students, faculty, and staff."

In 2001-2002, Lisa G. Aspinwall and Lisa M. Diamond founded GASP, the GLBT Alliance in Social and Personality Psychology. Other faculty and students are similarly active in their respective professional organizations.

In 2008-2009 school year, the Psychology Department was named the Ally Department of the Year by the LGBT Resource Center for our ongoing support of the center. The LGBT Resource Center provides educational and social programs, support services, and resources for LGBT students, staff, faculty, alumni and the entire campus community at the University of Utah.

In 2017, faculty and staff in the Psychology Department began a collection of favoured quotes relating to diversity, encouraging consideration of the importance of diversity in the perspectives that characterize our research, teaching, and practice. That collection of quotes is displayed here.

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