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Undergraduate Psychology Service & Internship (UPSI) Award

We offer the Undergraduate Psychology Service & Internship (UPSI) Award to Psychology majors who would like to pursue an unpaid internship opportunity in combination with Psychology 4890: Internships and Field Experience, but would need financial support to make the needed time. Financial support for one semester is provided in exchange for up to 10 hours of work per week at an internship site, and awards do not exceed $1,200. The intent of this award is to provide students with opportunities that increase their professional skills and marketability. Applicants are evaluated based on the fit between their career goals and possible placements, demonstrated conscientiousness and reliability, and academic background.


The Undergraduate Psychology Service & Internship (UPSI) Award allows undergraduate psychology students who might otherwise be unable to engage in unpaid internships to pursue opportunities for meaningful professional and career development and community engagement. The award offers financial support to complete an internship experience over an academic semester. Students may select an internship from our database, or create one with the help of our internship coordinator. Selection is based on the applicant's demonstration of the following:

  1. A clear and compelling relationship between the placement and the applicant's professional goals;
  2. Evidence of the capacity to successfully complete an internship experience; and
  3. Evidence that the applicant would be unable to do an internship without funds to support the position (e.g., applicant needs to work significant hours to cover costs, applicant does not have funds to support child or elder care expenses to free time for the internship).


  • Declared Psychology Major
  • Completion of at least one 3000 level course in Psychology
  • GPA of 2.8 or better
  • Full time enrollment in the award semester
  • Applicants must be eligible for University employment


UPSI Awards are up to $1,200 for a semester for up to 10 hours of work per week at the internship site and enrollment in PSY 4890. See our list of organizations for internship possibilities approved by the department. Additional opportunities may be available at Career Services, Bennion Center, Environmental Studies, Undergraduate Studies Capstone initiative, Hinckley Internships, and students may also develop their own internship in consultation with the internship coordinator. Recipients are guided through their internship by their designated supervisor at the internship site, in collaboration with the department internship coordinator and the faculty instructor for PSY 4890. Work hours are completed at the internship site. The PSY 4890 course meets approximately once per month during the semester, providing oversight and guided reflection activities to enhance the value of the internship in furthering your psychological expertise, and your career development.


  • Recipients fulfill the internship requirements of their placement.
  • Recipients are enrolled full time (minimum 12 credit hours) for the duration of the internship.
  • Recipients enroll in and successfully complete all requirements for 4890: Internships and Field Experience during the award semester

Selection Process & Timeline

  • Mid-Semester prior to doing an internship: Meet with the Internship Coordinator, identify possible internships, develop application materials.
  • Submit completed application with all required attachments. DEADLINE TBD.
  • Committee will make decisions and notify applicants by email.
  • If selected complete paperwork, finalize internship placements, register for PSY 4890, and begin internship.

UPSI Award Application

Last Updated: 10/8/20