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Honors Track


The new program consists of several psychology honors electives. These are new honors courses, advanced undergraduate courses, and special honors sections of existing courses. 

In addition to coursework, a central element of the departmental honors track is extended research experience with one or more faculty members, culminating in a departmental honors thesis. This extended research experience will provide substantial benefit to students who plan to apply to graduate or professional school. This program is also appropriate for students who just love psychology and want to learn more, even if they are unsure of their future plans.

Benefits of the Honors Track

The departmental honors track provides access to small challenging courses and in-depth research experience, culminating in a year-long honors thesis project. Honors students may also take other classes offered through the Honors College and are eligible for Honors College scholarships and other events. We also offer special Honors advising through thethrough the CSBS Student Success Center and a dedicated faculty honors advisor (currently Dr. Lisa Aspinwall) who can help you find research opportunities and a faculty advisor. We also have a Graduate Teaching Assistant (Jenn Isenhour), who can help you find research opportunities and navigate the requirements of the Departmental Honors Track.

The psychology honors thesis provides our students with the following opportunities:

  • Opportunity to investigate a topic of interest and importance in depth
  • Opportunity to work closely with a faculty member
  • Opportunity to show potential employers and admissions committees that you have a sustained commitment to a line of inquiry and a finished product to present
  • Opportunity to earn formal departmental honors in psychology on your transcript (such as URSD)
  • Opportunities to present your work at university conferences and beyond
Last Updated: 8/2/22