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Standing Up for Diversity: Supporting Our Black Colleagues, Students, and Community

As psychologists, we affirm that black lives matter, and we stand united against ongoing acts of oppression and violence toward Black and Brown people. Recent and historical events show that the death and intimidation of Black people continues, causing deep harm to our community and our nation. As psychologists, we know that there are lasting physical, emotional, and psychological effects of individual and institutional racism. The Diversity Committee and Psychology departmental administration are devoted to combating racism through acts of service, teaching, meaningful dialogue, advocacy, and ongoing actions that promote wellbeing, connection, and engagement, within our thriving community of diverse individuals. College is a time when many of us begin to confront our biases and broaden our perspectives, and we are committed to creating and fostering classroom environments that directly confront these issues.

The problem is large in scope and it can be difficult for individuals to know where to get reliable information and how to help.  The diversity committee continues to be a place where such issues can be discussed in order for recommendations to be made to the department that reflect our collective goals and policies.  In addition to these long-term objectives, the Psychology Department is also committed to providing immediate support to students, by encouraging instructors to be mindful of, and responsive to, the extra burdens placed on students during this national crisis, and by making sure that students have access to supportive resources (e.g., free legal advice for students involved in peaceful protests). At a broader level, resources are available (listed below) that can help guide individuals who wish to become part of the solution and/or need help coping with the stress of inequality.  We strongly support diversity issues in scholarship, justice, and among our colleagues, friends, and family as we reaffirm our mission during these challenging times. 


Lisa Diamond, Sheila Crowell, Anu Asnaani (Diversity Committee), Bert Uchino (Chair), Sarah Creem-Regehr (Associate Chair), and Paul H. White.

Last Updated: 6/4/21