Human Factors Certificate

human factors

what is human factors??

"Human Factors is concerned with the application of what we know about people, their abilities, characteristics, and limitations to the design of equipment they use, environments in which they function, and jobs they perform."
–Human Factors and Ergonomic Society

why study human factors??

This certificate offers a structured framework in which students can receive training in Human Factors through a prescribed course of study. The Certificate will complement existing fields of study such as Psychology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering, Computer Science, Nursing, etc. Students in these fields of study can expand their marketability in relation to their career goals with a Certificate in Human Factors.


  1. Medical
  2. Military
  3. Safety
  4. Habitability
  5. Aviation
  6. Product development
  7. Human-Computer interaction

Goals of human factors

  1. Improve human interactions with equipment, software and other people
  2. Enhance performance
  3. Increase safety
  4. Advance user satisfaction